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Hi I’m Elena, welcome to my blog!

Poet, writer, self-proclaimed Otaku Gonzo Journalist

If I’m not pretending to study, I do watch anime, read and try to be creative by writing anything that I have on my mind (mostly poetry or personal blog posts and scripts). Sometimes I even make myself undergo the atrocious process of edititing content for my youtube videos. I love Camus, Ping Pong The Animation, tea and anything that is related to Kafka.

When I don’t held pseudo-intellectual conversations, I enjoy spending time in fictional worlds. I don’t mind as long as there isn’t anything that reminds me of the fact that I’m still waiting for the offer to take the red pill. Or my Letter. Or to fall into a rabbit hole. Or to get run over by a train just to find myself in a fantasy world inhabited by ridiculously poorly written characters. You get the idea.
I am going to post interpretations of movies and series (mainly anime), usually mixed with my personal view and experiences. I hope you enjoy reading the articles. And of course I’m always glad to get constructive criticism in any form!