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BAKEMEONOGATARI (First Impressions, spoiler-free)

Every year hundreds of anime are produced and because most of these products are alike, I am always happy to discover something that has a unique approach or style to tell its story. Bakemonogatari is a Harem anime but it almost feels like a degredation to call it that. It is about Koyomi Arararagi who accidentally discovers that his class mate Senjoughara weighs almost nothing. Even though she threatens him, he keeps insisting to help her. Throughout the story he constantly encounters different types of supernatural creatures and with the help of his friend Meme, his aim is to help the people who are suffering from these cases.


Sometimes getting to know stories is like getting to know people. Sometimes you’ve heard of this particular story because people have recommended it to you so even though you try not to, you HAVE expectations. Good ones. And then you experience this thing and you cannot believe that it did manage to exceed your expectations. THAT. That happened to me while watching the Tatami Galaxy which I easily can call one of my absolute favorite anime.


From mythology in Ancient Greece to novels, movies and comic books nowadays. Stories about heroes have been fascinating mankind for thousand of years. But something has changed in the way writers depict heroes. The example for such a hero I am going to talk about is Saitama from One Punch Man. If you have not heard about it already you are either living in a parallel universe or have been living without internet. Even though I am not a big fan, it is definitely worth checking out. The story started as a webcomic by manga artist ONE. As it went viral in June 2012 with almost 8 million views it was quite certain that they an anime adaptation (which aired in October 2015) would follow.


I raised a flower that couldn’t bloom in a dream that can’t come true.

The day before yesterday BTS released the official music video for their song „Fake Love“ lots of fans have been waiting for excitedly. At the latest, after the release of the teaser it was clear that we could expect another visual piece of art and above all, cryptic symbols and a story you are eager to understand. This text will not analyze everything of the video in detail because let’s be honest the video is full of symbolism and several details and ain’t nobody got time for that. I am just telling you some of my impressions and analyze the themes which appear important to me.


He looks familiar,doesn’t he? Mob Psycho 100 is a webmanga created by manga artist ONE who is also known for creating One Punch Man. The story about young Shigeo Kageyama aka Mob who is going to Middle School. Since he was born he has psychic powers which he uses to help his mentor Arataka Reigen to exorcize ghosts. Even though he has strong supernatural powers he struggles with everyday life which include surviving math class and trying to impress the girl he loves. To avoid his power getting out of control he constantly suppresses not only his psychic powers but also his strong emotions until he is not longer able to…


What is the meaning of life? You may roll your eyes right now because you have heard this unanswerable question way too often. Or you actually might think about it hesitantly. However you react to it, let us agree that it is a – if not THE – most interesting question of mankind. I know I am late on this one BUT I have discovered Rick and Morty and I have fallen in love with it because of various reasons.


No this is not a bad joke. Well it is but it is actually a quote from Christian Grey himself. You might think that there is not much more to say about this trilogy of doom. It finally has come to an end and millions of people are released. No wait, they are not. The trilogy based on the book series by E.L. James has been unbelievably succesful but even though the last of the movies has been released a month ago the discussion goes on and on and on…


In the last view episodes Leon proved that he is more than a mediocre supporting character. With his ninja like performance he did not only save Elliot from being raped but he also proved him something the mentally disturbed hacker tends to forget: the fact that there are people who care about him.


Leon is a ninja assassin with connections to the dark army and Elliot has been in prison since the second season started. Episode 7 of the successful US series Mr Robot causes a lot of content to discuss about. This article deals with probably one of the most important questions people are posing right now – what is going on with Tyrell Wellick?


In this article I would like to talk about a few symbols and themes which appear at the beginning of the second season of Mr Robot. The discussions started in Reddit Posts and have been spreading immensely. No one can deny seeing how often Sam Esmail uses symbolism in the show. But what is the meaning behind the red wheelbarrow?

Mr Robot = Fight Club 2.0?

Mr Robot is an American TV series created by Sam Esmail. One important topic the show deals with is social criticism and  consumerism. The show has quite a lot of parallels to the 1999 movie Fight Club. But in how far has Esmail brought up the content of the classic movie and could you possibly say that Mr Robot is just a newer version of Fight Club?