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In the last view episodes Leon proved that he is more than a mediocre supporting character. With his ninja like performance he did not only save Elliot from being raped but he also proved him something the mentally disturbed hacker tends to forget: the fact that there are people who care about him. Leon follows us since season two. As it turned out, Elliot has been in prison the whole time. That is where he got to know the chilled Seinfeld expert. And even though Elliot is anything but talkative or welcome, Leon stayed with him. His fascination for the 80’s sitcom reveals his need to set his wits to philosophical questions. Searching for the purpose bothers him a lot. „It’s really fucking with me.“ Yes, it is but not only with you Leon. Seeking for purpose, live a life worth living, that is is part of human nature. But what if pointlessness is our purpose? That we can not escape. Then it is on us to give our life meaning. Existentialism. Leon is the one who makes Elliot realize that dreaming and imagining things is very important to understand why it is worth fighting for something. Life offers a lot but you need to be able to see it. “Existence could be beautiful or it could be ugly but that’s on you”. eon convinces the audience with his profound thoughts about how everything depends on our perspective. Just as the development of the universe could depend on a red wheelbarrow beside the white chickens…

Leon represents an authentic character who is fun watching and listening to. His relaxed appearance and language make it easy to identify yourself with him. He is voicing the opinion of many in his unique ,funny way. „Sometimes you gotta close your eyes and envision that shit bro.“

All in all I would say that Leon became one of my favorite characters in this series and I really hope that we will get to see more of him.

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